Best Beard Trimmers

A good beard trimmer is a necessity when the facial hair has become a permanent feature. Doing nothing and letting your beard grow will not look neat or professional. Beards come in many shapes and sizes, each reflecting the personality of the owner. You may like the stubble, or one that's well-shaped and styled, or even a long beard, but they all need trimming to keep you looking your smartest. To give you the most stylish look, we have collected a list of the best beard trimmers for your revi

Best outdoor speakers

Outdoor speakers come in different shapes and sizes that are designed to either make them stand out in a crowd or meld into the background. The best ones offer the same deep bass and high-end provided by regular speakers, but also come with added features like waterproof, sturdy, and battery-powered. Whether you want a rocking time or something a little chilled, follow our recommendations for the best outdoor speakers you can buy. Set your Atrium 6 speakers anywhere, and experience the fantast

Best Gifts for Movie Buffs

If your better half thinks they're a movie buff, then surprise them with a thoughtful gift that fits their area of interest. Finding the exact point of interest is the challenge. One which we hope to help you overcome. We have entertained many thoughts and come up with the following recommendations that should solicit excitement. One of these suggestions will surely be a hit. Here's a way to scratch and win every time. The Enno Vatti Scratch Off Poster has 100 movies awaiting their discovery. T

Best Desk Pads

Using a desk pad will save your frustrations by protecting the surface while still providing working space. It can also make your work area look neat and organized in addition to the protection from spills and dropped items. Your desk is worth it. Desk pads come in many sizes and materials to match the decor. They can be small enough for a laptop, or the size of a dining table and the material should enhance the space. We have studied many desk pads and have created the following shortlist of

Best Kegerators

A kegerator is a must-have for those who love drinking draft beer. It prevents beer from losing its flavor and taste by keeping it chilled. The kegerator is a combination of a keg, a small barrel, and a refrigerator, designed to preserve drinks in bulk. Draft beer is served directly from the cask with a convenient tap, using inert gas to dispense the beverage in a hassle-free way. You should consider a kegerator as an investment; it saves money, in the long run, because you're buying in bulk. S

Best Beard Wax

Beard wax is essential for a fully grown beard that is now unruly, coarse, and wild. We're not talking about stubbly or short beards you can control with a trimmer, no this is well past that stage. Those long follicles seem to grow out like weeds and need shaping and taming to leave a full and smart look. Beard wax contains ingredients to help eliminate frizz and unruly hair. They're excellent at keeping beards in place in extreme weather conditions, so don't leave home without it. In the foll

Best Hair Scissors

A pair of hair scissors is the most critical tool for a hairstylist or barber. It's an invaluable instrument that creates any shape or style, adapting to new trends as they come. A high-quality pair of scissors makes quite a difference in the cut, easily producing that perfect style. To pick a pair that compliments your cutting technique, we have compiled a list of the best hair scissors. Read on. Excellent for professionals as well as home use, the JW shears have razor-sharp convex edges for s

Best beach chairs

A beach chair lets you relax comfortably while enjoying the day near the water. It's light, portable and helps you to sit upright. Plus, it can keep you away from the sand, especially if you've been swimming. There's nothing better than spending the day watching the world from the comfort of a beach chair. Of course, the beach is not the only place you can take your chair. These portables seats are ideal for camping, sporting events, or even your own back yard. We don't think you can do without

Best Windproof Umbrellas

A windproof umbrella will not add to your aggravation on a wet and windy day. The cheap umbrella you bought not too long ago will last through a light mist but will collapse or break when faced with horizontal blowing rain. Then what do you do? The investment in a significant windproof umbrella that repels rainwater also will be repaid in the first "storm" you encounter, and you will feel much better for it. Use the following guide to choose an umbrella that will serve you for a long time. The

Your Story Isn’t Defined by a Few Bad Chapters

All too often we hear of the consequences of bullying and racism. Whether it happens at school, in the workplace, on the soccer pitch, or anywhere else for that matter, the consequences which result from the experience and exposure of bullying and racism are incredibly damaging and long-lasting. If you look up bully in the dictionary, it is defined as “an individual who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable”. Similarly, if you look up racism in the diction